The haunting memories of May 31 return as Pakistan misses out on knockouts

The haunting memories of May 31 returns as Pakistan misses out on knockouts
Hasan Ali returns to the pavilion after being dismissed. (Getty Images)

Pakistan plays splendid and marvelous cricket in the final phase of the mega event’s group stage to end their campaign on a high note. But the dent of the West Indies game remains evident.

The terrible show against West Indies turns out to be the difference between what could’ve been the mesmerizing glory. As the side misses a vital place in knockouts, the haunting memories of May 31 seem to have returned.

The Trent Bridge was all green. The stage was well set for the flying start of the World Cup campaign. They were asked to bat on the finest batting decks. The fantasies of witnessing the remarkable outings were hitting their minds. The batting line-up had all the ingredients, from the sublime top order to the stabilized middle order, to let fans dream in the daylight. Zaman’s scintillating leg side flick for six sparked the imaginations to the utmost height.

Fakhar Zaman fails to tackle fury of Andre Russell. (GETTY IMAGES)

But what happened next turned on a depressing chunk of thoughts. Imam ul Haq, the mister dependable, turns opposite to his reputed risk-free approach. Zaman, the bringer of the modern era culture in Pakistan, had no idea to tackle the fireball deliver on a shorter length. Haris Sohail and Babar Azam, the batting legacy saviours of Stanis, both cut recklessly to the off side just to slice it straight to the wicket keeper. They return to the pavilion demolishing the high hopes of the fans back home.

What happened in the blink of an eye was something unimaginable. It looked demonstration of the sporting horror story. It appeared as if everyone were having their hands up trying to just pass out that horrendous evening. It was torture affecting futuristic affairs of the side.

Hasan Ali, the visiting bowling hero of the British land two years ago, was miserably getting smashed. He was covering a journey of his transformation him hero to villain. It was a night to forget for the majority in the team except for Muhammad Amir, who recovered from his chaotic bowling form and showed how the whole unit should’ve turned up on that significant day.

Pakistan missed the semi-final spot by few digits, which could’ve been on their side had there been even a handful amount of care showed following their struggling start against West Indies. But they opted for the all guns blazing strategy instead of at least dragging things to a respectable order. They ended up demonstrating their unpredictable manner which they’ve been doing since their cricket brand was established.

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