Ramiz Raja advises how Pakistan Cricket Team should groom Haider Ali

Haider Ali
Haider Ali plays an attractive stroke on the leg-side.

The emerging star Haider Ali has been in the limelight since his Under-19 World Cup days when the flair and spark in his batting strokes impressed the cricketing world.

Awed by his magnificence at a very young age, Peshawar Zalmi, the Pakistan Super League franchise, picked the shining batting talent Haider Ali for the fifth edition of the league.

Haider Ali’s stint for Peshawar Zalmi in PSL-5 was remarkable as he scored 239 runs in nine matches averaging 29.87 with the strike-rate of 158.27.

As the experts analysed the young lad closely, they noticed that this guy Haider Ali is full of excitement and charisma.

Haider Ali plays an aerial shot down the ground.

The reflection of enthusiasm on his face when he hit the aerial shot down the ground and a glimpse of the Kevin Pietersen’s stylish and crispy mechanism in his batting technique, are the most exciting chapters of his batting textbook.

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Ramiz Raja suggests Pakistan Cricket Team an approach of grooming Haider Ali:

Former Pakistan cricketer and renowned commentator Ramiz Raja, who has represented the country for 57 Tests and 198 One Day Internationals, suggested Pakistan Cricket Team on the process of Haider Ali’s grooming.

According to Ramiz, Haider Ali is a replica of Babar Azam in terms of the batting talent and he should be motivated because if he proves out to be similar like Babar Azam, it would turn out as great accomplishment for the Pakistan Cricket Team.

Famous commentator Ramiz Raja.

“Haider Ali is as talented as Babar Azam. He should be encouraged as if we find another Babar Azam in the form of Haider Ali it would be a great success for Pakistan,”(quote from UrduPoint) said Ramiz Raja.

Ramiz Raja shared the approach of Haider Ali’s development that management need to follow by narrating how Imran Khan picked Inzamam-ul-Haq during his days and developed him into a great player from the stage when he was nothing.

Ramiz Raja revealed on his Youtube channel that former captain Imran Khan used to boost the confidence of Inzamam-ul-Haq in the 1992 World Cup.

Raja shared the story of the 1992 World Cup winning captain Imran Khan, who cheered the emerging talent Inzamam-ul-Haq by uttering to Inzamam how he could showcase himself a greater sensation than Javed Miandad.

Ramiz Raja shares the story of Imran Khan and Inzamam-ul-Haq from the 1992 World Cup.

The famous commentator has high expectations from Haider Ali, “I can hope that when Haider Ali will return from England tour, he will be a superstar because he has a lot of potential.” (quote from UrduPoint)

So should pcb follow the advice of Ramiz Raja?

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