Most successful players in crossing the ball over the fence in year 2018

With cricket advancing to its new form, the sixes have become a very essential part of the game. Twenty20 is an innovative form of cricket and the batsmen are figuring out ways to master it. Whether it is a scoop shot played over the keeper’s head for a six or whether it is a helicopter shot played to smash the ball over the bowler’s head for a six, these strokes are a worthy addition to the dynamics of the game.

Let’s see in this year as of 22nd of July, which players are the most successful men in making their approach to cross the fence on the international stage of Twenty20.

1. Aaron Finch

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Innings: 9

Sixes: 31

Strike rate: 206.22

2. Colin Munro

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Innings: 9

Sixes: 30

Strike rate: 193.17

3. Martin Guptill

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Innings: 10

Sixes: 24

Strike rate: 146.95

4. Rohit Sharma

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Innings: 13

Sixes: 22

Strike rate: 144.88

5. Shikhar Dhawan

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Innings: 12

Sixes: 19

Strike rate: 148.12

6. Fakhar Zaman

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Innings: 13

Sixes: 18

Strike rate: 155.42

7. Shoaib Malik

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Innings: 11

Sixes: 16

Strike rate: 168.53

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