Mind games played ahead of the heated encounter

Image source: Reuters

Things are already heating up between players before they take the field of Birmingham to start their campaign of five-match series. Earlier, James Anderson called Virat Kohli desperate to score runs after the Indian team captain mentioned that his team performances are more critical than his individual conduct in the Test series.

In a chat organised during One-Day series, James Anderson uttered, “For India to win here, of course, it matters if he gets runs or not. Virat will be desperate to score runs for his team, as you would expect from the captain and one of the best players in the world.”
Last time when India toured England for a Test series, Virat had a horrible outing after he averaged only 13.4 with the bat in the 10 innings he played. Anderson took better of the veteran Indian batsman in most of the series and didn’t allow Virat to utilize his feet on the crease.
The battle between Virat and Anderson would be a mouth-watering contest to watch since Kohli in recent times had proved his proficiency all around the cricketing world and Anderson got hold of a strong reputation in account due to his puzzling art of swing bowling which trouble the batsmen in overcast conditions.

James Anderson dismissed Virat Kohli for four times in ten innings when both faced each other for a Test series in England.  © Getty Images

Jos Butter has recently warned Indian team that those friendships of Indian Premier League will not be remembered when both sides will face each other for the Test cricket encounter. In a reveal of “The Test Experts” as official Test partner of England, Jos verbalized, “Naturally you have friendships with them but on the field, they seem to be forgotten and everyone is competitive. There are familiar faces, guys you know a bit more about than just the cricket. That is one of the great things about world cricket now. You get these opportunities to play around the world and meet these great people. There is a lot more familiarity between the sides than there ever has been before. I am sure there will be moments in the Test series, especially on the field, when those things look like they have been forgotten”

Jos Buttler had a great season of Indian Premier League with the bat for Rajasthan Royals and he has also maintained his supreme form in the red ball cricket too.

Jos Buttler scored 161 runs at an average of 80.50 in a two-match Test series against Pakistan.
Image source: (AP)

Buttler turned out to be a stand-out man in his first assignment of the summer as he captured the top position of highest run scorers in a two-match Test series played between England and Pakistan.

With every single minute, the excitement of the fans is escalating to see the intense contest of cricket and in coming days, numerous questions of cricketing pundits need to be answered after two of the top sides would compete to acquire the glory in the real form of the game.


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