Leader of team in 1992, Prime Minister of nation in 2018

    Leader of team in 1992, Prime Minister of nation in 2018
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    The historians are taking their pens and getting their books ready as the former captain of Pakistan who led Pakistan to a World Cup glory would be taking oath as the 22nd Prime Minister of the country.

    It is a story of a wonderful morning at Melbourne; a man was seen coming to the ground to play the last and the biggest match of his career. There were a lot of talks going around in his home country; people were asking each other that whether this guy would be able to accomplish what his colleagues Hadlee and Botham could not?

    He was already a hero of many but the historical day had to decide an elevation of his rank from “hero of the country” to the “legend of the country”. He was calm and composed, when asked at an occasion of toss concerning the odds going around him, he replied: “If my boys play like tigers, I don’t mind if we win or lose.”

    The two captains Gooch and Imran gathers for a coin toss. (Reuters)

    He walked out to bat at no. 3 which was his very unusual batting position.You might think that an ordinary person would think hundred times to take that kind of unimaginable risk in the very last outing of his profession but at that very moment, it seemed that the guy has decided to keep his glamour and charm different from others since he was 9.

    Players of his age were worried to think that their downfall was showing in the books of statistics but the guy out there was averaging 51.34 with the bat and 19.16 with the ball in the purest form of the game in last 10 years of his playing career and most significantly, playing a most worthy knock of his career at the largest stadium of cricket on the planet.

    When he was batting, it seemed as if he were picturing his 23 years of successful career in one innings.

    Imran Khan batting against England
    Imran Khan plays the powerful shot down the ground. © Getty Images

    The calmness in the knock described his steadfastness at the moment when people declared him not suitable for international arena.

    The concentration on the pitch defined his determination to never leave his passion for anything at any stage of his life.

    The shot played over the boundary by advancing down the wicket portrayed his willpower of becoming a champion one day.

    When he finally lifted the trophy it looked he achieved everything a sportsman

    Leader of team in 1992, Prime Minister of nation in 2018
    Imran Khan delivering the victory speech. ©PA Photos

    could achieve for his country but in the ceremony his eyes gave an impression about how he was going to perform something more for his country that might be a triumph or an ultimate feat, which was never seen before in the former times.

    Almost three decades later, he is now given a mission by the people of his country to fulfill a dream which was seen in his eyes 26 years ago. Imran Khan would be looking to get his aspirant job done for his people so he could actually be able to attain something which was never seen before in the history.

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