Indo-Pak clash: Teams of XI on the field, Hopes of millions off the field

Indo-Pak clash: Teams of XI on the field, Hopes of millions off the field
Virat Kohli and Muhammad Amir share light moments after the Champions Trophy final. © Getty Images

India versus Pakistan, one starts feeling goosebumps just by imagining the thrill of this rivalry. When players of two teams walk out in the arena having their heads down, it appears that this contest would be as simple as the other games but actually, it’s not.

Those players who have their heads down when they enter the ground are actually carrying the burden of millions of hopes on their shoulders. They know this single game could be a start of their ultimate glory or a horrific story.

When a person wakes up on the day of India-Pakistan game, the excitement and passion participate in his chunk of thoughts that surround them throughout the whole day.

Last time when the arch-rivals faced each other, Pakistan clinched victory against the favourites of the tournament to win their first Champions Trophy. Pakistan fought against all the odds with the newly shaped squad to begin a new chapter where they finally got their stakes high against their rivals.

Indo-Pak clash: Teams of XI on the field, Hopes of millions off the field
Pakistani team celebrates after winning against India in the final of Champions Trophy to clinch the trophy for the first time. © Getty Images

This time they will have a face-off in Asia Cup which is one of the most prestigious tournaments of the sport. Both teams prepared superlatively to conquer the cricketing glory of the largest continent.

Pakistan commenced the tournament in a supreme way after they outclassed Hong Kong by dismissing them on 116 and winning against them with 8 wickets at their hands.

India also had a winning start to their campaign but the manner of their victory was not quite as convincing as it was expected because India is ranked number two in ODI rankings while Hong Kong does not even have the status of One Day International side.

India defeated Hong Kong by 26 runs to cast them out of the tournament which means Pakistan and India will go through to Super 4 from Group A.

We might see these two teams playing each other for three times in this edition of the tournament. The contest on Wednesday will still be of great significance due to the intensity of this rivalry.

In the encounter of nerves, it would be interesting to see how these two teams manoeuvre to tackle the pressure circulating around them.

Keeping aside the outcome of the game, a true pundit expects that the game between India and Pakistan will surely produce the enthralling aura for which this rivalry is known for many decades.

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