Edgbaston Test: A thrilling ride of exhilaration

Edgbaston Test: A thrilling ride of exhilaration
Ben Stokes appeals the LBW of Virat Kohli. © Getty Images

India versus England promised to be a classic for the cricket fans and selection of Edgbaston as the first venue of the series was the best thing to initiate the thrilling battle between two of the top sides of the world. When we hear the name Edgbaston, the first thing that comes in our mind is the encounter between England and Australia for the Ashes in 2005, the Test match which is still regarded as the greatest Test match of this century. It is the same venue where two of the supreme all-rounders of the modern era, Andrew Flintoff and Jacques Kallis, competed against each other to engage in the blazing battle between the bat and the ball.

There is a reason this venue got a privilege to host the 1000th Test match of the country and rightly so according to its reputation, it has produced the same ride of thrill, the purest form of the game was hoping for.

When the playing XI came, the critics from India got worried to see the name of Ravichandran Ashwin keeping in mind his overseas record in the recent times, yet he showed brilliance on the field by his performance and the deliveries against Alistair Cook were uttering loudly to announce the promise of off-spin bowling in the modern era.

Edgbaston Test: A thrilling ride of exhilaration
Ravichandran Ashwin celebrates the important breakthrough of Joe Root. © Getty Images

In case of collapse, both teams knew they have a batting marvel in their side that most importantly could change an early disaster to an alluring story by its intense impact of presence on the crease.

The importance of Joe Root in England Cricket was clearly shown when Barmy Army stopped their chants just to watch him play it classily through the off-side. The support he provided to the vulnerable middle-order of the team had an impeccable significance to the outcome of the game.

Virat Kohli stood out on the pitch imagining his team has let him down on the prime stage. Initially, the uneasiness was seen in his innings but once he settled himself on the crease, moments later he was going to the dressing room having another score of triple figures to his name. What journey makes an ordinary player best in the world? It is a journey of converting one’s nervousness to an unbeaten glory. That’s what made him one of the greats already.

The 20-year old Sam Curran made the headlines all around by showing his potential. Guys of his age are worrying about their grades in the upcoming semester, the lad out there was dismissing star-studded top order of the no.1 side in the world and batting fearlessly as if he had to continue the charisma which Flintoff left off when he retired.

Edgbaston Test: A thrilling ride of exhilaration
Sam Curran dismissed the top order of India in space of just 8 balls. © Getty Images

The spell of Ishant Sharma which changed the course of the game, demonstrated the worth of maintaining line & length on the bowling supported conditions. A fast bowler bowling on the flat deck in the humid weather of Mumbai would not have got that kind of reward the land of Birmingham provided.

The teenagers who watched cricket played in England from their childhood do always wonder about the fact that why the pair of Anderson & Broad always starts up the things since they started watching the game. It is proven that the team which survives the heat of their initial spells are held successful more or less in the latter part of their innings if they don’t have to face Sam Curran of course. Indian batting side in the 4th innings proved out to be another victim of their heat and with Ben Stokes providing a much-needed cooperation to defend the target, the glimpse of Joe Root raising his hand in joy was seen after the victory which was a pleasing sight for the home fans.

Edgbaston Test: A thrilling ride of exhilaration
Ben Stokes took four wickets in the final innings which guided England to the victory of Edgbaston Test. © Getty Images

The game spoke loudly about the magnitude of the real form of the game and it enhanced the glamour which is still carrying this legendary sport after more than 140 years.

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