Dubai or Dhaka? Ban-SL game at Dubai witnesses astonishing atmosphere

Dubai or Dhaka? Ban-SL game at witnesses astonishing atmosphere
Bangladeshi team celebrates the dismissal of Sri Lankan batsman. (Surjeet Yadav/IANS)

Asia Cup commenced with the inauguration match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh at Dubai.

The misery for the limited-over side of Sri Lanka continues as Bangladesh defeated them by 137 runs to start their campaign in a winning manner.

When the match between two sides was scheduled at Dubai on Saturday, it was not expected that the crowd will come in huge numbers since Saturday is a working day for many people residing in the United Arab Emirates. It is known that stadium in Dubai is not easily accessible because it is far away from the city and the transportation system to reach the stadium is not very friendly.

People in the United Arab Emirates who are mostly from the Indian subcontinent have hectic jobs and tough daily life. They face difficulty due to long distance and unfriendly transportation, that’s why they are unable to show their presence in numbers if the games are scheduled at Dubai on weekdays. In comparison, Sharjah is much easily accessible for common people that results in the good crowd even on weekdays.

In the game between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the crowd surprisingly turned out in huge numbers on Saturday that is beginning of a new week for many people.

Most of the people in the stadium were the fans of Bangladeshi team and the atmosphere was so electrifying that it seemed like they are playing in their backyard with Shere Bangla National Stadium being the venue.

Dubai or Dhaka? Ban-SL game at Dubai witnesses astonishing atmosphere
Mushfiqur Raheem raises the bat to celebrate his century. (AP)

The Bangladeshi team didn’t disappoint their supporters who came out to show that they are right beside their team. Mushfiqur Raheem played one of the finest innings of his career and crowd kept cheering him throughout his supreme execution.

It would be great for the popularity of cricket if prestigious tournaments like Asia Cup produce crowd in large numbers.

The next match in Dubai Cricket Stadium will be played between Pakistan and Hong Kong on September 16.

The contest between arch-rivals India and Pakistan that is expected to be packed with the large audience will light up the venue of Dubai on September 19.

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